We focus on the things that never change.

At Evidence Wealth – simply put – we follow the evidence. The disciplined approach to our mission helps you address the three types of wealth in your life – each one growing exponentially more important than the one before.

Message From Our Founders

Financial Wealth

Job One of Financial Wealth is to make sure your dollars outlive your days – and not the other way around. The evidence to accomplish this is found in more than half a century of robust Nobel-prize winning research. The simple truth is that free capital markets work – if you let them. We help you design a portfolio strategy using comprehensive true wealth management principles.

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Life Wealth

Life Wealth involves redeeming your time and talents in a way that reflects your unique goals, desires, and values. Our Life Impact® Stewardship Journey eliminates unnecessary risks you may be taking now and then optimizes all aspects of your financial plan.

Legacy Wealth

At some point we all must ask ourselves, “What will my legacy be?” For the overwhelming majority of us – this is not a money question. It’s about family. Nothing is more important than our kids and grandkids. What values will we leave them? What wisdom will we impart?

A Tradition of Thought Leadership

ev-i-dence (n)

ground for belief; proof




Building Financial Wealth, Life Wealth and Legacy Wealth.


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