How We Work with You

Our Life Impact® Stewardship Journey is a multi-dimensional approach which considers your life stage, your life circumstances and your life purpose to develop a customized written financial plan. As the name implies, this is a journey, not a one-time event. We will guide you along the way, providing the tools and strategies that will help you build Financial Wealth, Life Wealth, and Legacy Wealth.

While financial assets are critical, we also focus on leveraging all of your resources including your time, talents, and relationships – not only for your trips around the sun – but to also make a meaningful generational difference.

Each Life Impact® Stewardship module will lead you through a series of guided exercises that build upon each other. This helps us to provide a key deliverable that will give both you and your advisor valuable insights to best serve your needs, wants, and dreams.

And as fiduciaries, we always work in your best interest. From the outset of the relationship, your advisor will provide clear and transparent information aligned with your unique scenario. Our fees are based on your personal financial situation and assets managed; with incremental levels where you pay less on the dollar as your assets grow.