What is “evidence-based” investing?

At Evidence Wealth, we eschew the hype and propaganda of Wall Street and their minions and focus on the fundamentals of free markets that never change. Simply put – we follow the evidence.

We love facts and we love data. Evidence-based investing principles are backed up by decades of robust Nobel-prize winning research. Our mission is to design an investment strategy that provides for your personal needs, wants, and values* – but is also as predictable as possible.

We seek stability by employing super-diversification techniques which are meant to minimize risk and optimize return. This puts you in a position to achieve your goals while providing confidence during the inevitable ups and downs of the market. Once your initial strategic investment plan is put in writing, we regularly monitor it for rebalancing and tax optimization opportunities.

* For those who desire alignment of their personal values and their investments – customized Life Impact® portfolios – including faith-based options – are our specialty.

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