What is your Return on Legacy?

Perhaps the biggest surprise in life is that it goes by so fast. At some point we must ask, “What will my legacy be?” What values will we leave or kids and grandkids? How will we equip them for success in all aspects of life? Money helps. But we use a broader definition of the word “inheritance”. One that includes much more than money.

We are burdened both professionally and personally to pour wisdom into the next generation – including our eight children and their families. And so, while as investment advisors we want to maximize Return On Investment (ROI) – as legacy advisors we focus on your Return on Legacy™ (ROL). Our charge is to help you not only handle rightly your wealth during your lifetime – but to help you manage the life-changing impact you can have on those people and causes you love most – even after your time is through.

That is why we offer exclusive opportunities for personal growth for our clients – and programs to help with the training and support of their children and grandchildren. We look forward to providing all the details.


“Legacy is not leaving something for people.
It’s leaving something in people.”

— P. Strople